Floating Universe Necklace

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A shimmering ball of blue sandstone, 0.6cm, floats from a thin 45cm silver chain with this beautiful pendant necklace. If you look closely, you will see a starry sky, your own personal universe.

Starry Sky

Have you ever really looked at the stars at night? They are easy to forget in this modern world, with our comfortable houses, artificial lights, city light pollution and televisions that for some are constantly playing in the background.

For thousands of years of recorded history and millions of years of evolution though, our ancestors only had the night sky to comfort them in the darkness. Every night the stars would appear, unless there was cloudy weather. The stars were predictable and changing in the same pattern every night as the Earth rotated on it’s axis and around the sun. The Milky Way would have been clear in the same spot every night. Sirius and the other planets would have shone bright and constellations would have taken shapes of animals in the minds of our ancestors.

So long humans have looked to the sky, many celestial events have taken great cultural and religious significance in societies across time and the world. The starry night sky has always been there with us, for longer than we can remember, and has a deep effect on us when we see it.



Sterling Silver Jewelry

Why buy silver jewelry?

  • Silver is always fashionable. For thousands of years people have been wearing silver jewelry. It is a beautiful material to use in the latest trends and fashion.
  • Silver is durable. Your silver jewelry will last a long time and not break like cheaply made copper and zinc jewelry that is silver or gold plated. It is better to buy quality jewelry than to waste resources on something that will not last. You will never find a silver necklace in a green corroded clump at the bottom of your jewelry box.
  • Silver is hypoallergenic. Some people have sensitive skin and are allergic to cheap jewelry. People rarely are allergic to silver. Ever had a green finger from a cheap ring? You won’t have this with silver.
  • Silver is affordable compared to gold. Since gold is so scarce, it will cost a lot of money to build a jewelry collection with it. Silver has many of the same good qualities as gold, but you will be able to quickly acquire a beautiful collection with a more affordable price.
  • Silver is elegant and versatile. You can wear it with a casual or elegant outfit and look great!

What is .925 Sterling Silver?

  • Sterling silver is an alloy of 92.5% silver and 7.5% of another metal, usually copper.
  • Sterling silver is more durable than fine silver, which is 99.9% silver. Pure silver is easier to make into jewelry because it is so soft.
  • Sterling silver will have a 925 stamp in the metal, that shows it is sterling silver.

How To Slow Tarnish

  • Silver doesn’t chemically react with oxygen, but rather atmospheric pollution such as sulfur, from burning fossil fuels. Silver sulfide is what causes a black tarnish on silver jewelry if they are infrequently worn. Sterling silver tarnishes because other metals in the alloy react with oxygen, like copper.
  • Oxidized silver is purposely exposed to sulfur to create a dark patina, usually meant to give it a antique appearance.
  • To reduce the rate of tarnish, put your jewelry on last, after makeup and perfume, and take it off first, before showering or using detergents.
  • Wearing your silver is best to keep the tarnish away, but if you store it, cover it in a cloth and put it in a zipped bag to slow the rate of tarnish.