Camera Lens Travel Coffee Mug

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Shock your friends when you drink out of this look-a-like camera lens! This also makes the perfect gift for a photography lover! Due to high demand, please allow 2-5 weeks for shipping. Free shipping to the USA!  As someone who loves photography, you will definitely love this coffee mug. It looks like a real camera lens! Drinking out of this mug everyday will certainly put a smile on your face. This will also look great in social media videos and posts. It tends to grab attention when you drink out of it. There is no need to just take our word on it, read the reviews from happy customers below.
Cool Mug Gift for Photography Lovers!
Your friend, significant other, co-worker, or family member will be excited to receive one of these cool camera lens mugs! Don't be ordinary and give an uninteresting mug. Give them a mug they will love to use everyday. They will get compliments and everyone will want to know where they got this gift.


Mug Specifications

  • Big capacity: This is a big mug and can hold 12 ounces (350ml) of liquid. That is plenty of early morning coffee!
  • Safe, durable, and long lasting: Built out of food grade PVC plastic, this mug is safe (you don't need to worry about contamination) this has been built to last
  • Hot delicious coffee (or any hot drink): in addition to it's external PVC plastic, it has stainless steel thermos interior and a tight lid, making it safe to drink while keeping your drink hotter for longer.
  • Lens says "Caniam" instead of that well known camera company. This is hardly noticeable. 
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