Moon Total Eclipse Silver Ring

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Show your inner moon child with this beautiful moon phase sterling silver ring. Humans have been watching and studying the sky for thousands of years with a creative imagination. The moon has played an important part in religions, calendars, events, and even the movement of our oceans and the tides. There is something mysterious and magical when you look up at night and realize that it is a full moon. On other nights a new moon makes the sky so dark that you can see what seems like millions of stars and the full Milky Way. The crescent moon also holds wonder and beauty, and has significance in many religions. This silver ring captures this elegance of the moon phase on your finger with this eye catching unique design. 


Why Sterling Silver Jewelry?

We prefer to sell sterling silver jewelry because of the high quality and affordable price of silver pieces. Sterling silver has many wonderful qualities that make it a must have in any jewelry collection. Sterling silver is marked with a 925 in the metal, which means that it is 92.5% silver and 7.5%. Here are a few reasons why we think silver jewelry is preferable over other metals.

  • It's hypoallergenic: if you have had skin irritation from other jewelry, silver is for you. You won't have an allergic skin reaction to silver like many people have to nickel or brass. Nickel and brass are often used in cheaply made jewelry with silver or gold plating. Nickel can be especially irritating with earrings.
  • It's durable: silver jewelry, rings, necklaces, and earrings can last you for decades. It might cost you more initially, but it will not fall apart on you like cheaper jewelry. 
  • It's affordable: silver might cost more than cheap nickel jewelry, but it also can be purchased at an affordable price. It is a more affordable option than gold, but it still has incredible durability.
  • It is always trendy: it is easy to keep up with the latest trends with silver, since it is always in style and affordable. 
  • It is easy to maintain: silver will never turn your necklace into a green clump at the bottom of your jewelry box. Wearing silver actually helps to keep it from tarnishing even.
  • You can build a jewelry collection fast: the affordability of silver allows you to buy all the latest styles and to build up a nice collection of jewelry quicker on a budget. With silver, you can afford to buy the pieces you need for different occasions without breaking the bank.

Unique and Rare Finds

At My Earth Moon and Stars, we strive to find unique and beautiful pieces of sterling silver jewelry that you would actually want to wear. We look for flora, fauna, and astronomy pieces that appeal to your wild and natural side, that you have not seen anywhere else. 

Sterling Silver Gift Ideas

Silver is versatile and both men and women love to wear it. Our silver rings are very popular, especially the rings paired with moonstone or sand stone which sparkles like a universe filled with stars. Check out our other popular STERLING SILVER RINGS.  

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