Rustic Japanese-style Vintage Ceramic Coffee Mug

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 Why drink out of plastic or a boring plain porcelain mug when you can drink out of one of these fun eco-friendly rustic Japanese mugs? Ships from Asia in 2-5 weeks. Free shipping to the USA! 

This rustic-looking mug will soon become your favorite thing to drink out of. Well crafted and durable, when properly taken care of, this mug will last a long time. This isn't just a coffee or tea cup, but beautiful home décor. Looks great in pictures too, your friends on Instagram will be asking where to get it from. There is no need to just take our word on it, read the reviews from happy customers below. 

The History of Mugs

Long before our ancestors invented ceramic mugs and glass cups, they most likely drank from cups carved from wood or bone. Archaeologists have found the oldest cups in Japan and China from the Neolithic Age Stone around 12,000 years ago, and these drinking vessels lacked a handle. Ancient man then invented pottery, and soon made cups with handles out of clay by hand, and eventually made them on a pottery wheel. Around 4,000 years ago, metal mugs were made of bronze, lead (yikes!), silver, and gold. Then about 2600 years ago, China figured out how to pour porcelain, leading the way to the lightweight and easy to use coffee mug that you might have in your hand right now. Wooden handle mugs are not very common, which makes these mugs unique! They will certainly grab the attention of the people around you.

Cool Mug Gift

Your friend, significant other, co-worker, or family member will be excited to receive one of these interesting rustic mugs as a cool gift. Don't be ordinary and gift an uninteresting mug! Give them a mug they will love to use everyday. They will get many compliments and everyone will want to know where they got this gift.


Mug Specifications

  • High quality and food safe, this item is natural and eco-friendly.
  • This item is not toxic, the glazes used are food grade.
  • Hand wash it only, it is not suitable for dishwashers because of the wooden handle.
  • Occasionally coat the handle with olive oil to prevent the wood from drying out.
  • Also do not heat in the microwave, as this is not good for the wooden handle or the taste of your coffee or tea.
  • See picture for dimensions of the different mugs. 
  • Natural product; colors and grain of wood will vary from pictures.
  • Product has worldwide certification to ensure safety.